About Us

We at LAYPH feel lucky, privileged and honored to have the opportunity to do what we love – to design and produce accessories for men. Present Yourself!

 We are a Swedish accessory company passionate about making products that enhance your image. Our watches have a clean and clear Swedish design and are created to allow you to present yourself as confident, elegant, comfortable and versatile.

 We believe that there is nothing superficial about feeling good about yourself or the way you look. Feeling good about yourself makes all the difference to your success, your approach, and your life. When you feel good in a way that makes you balanced, stable and flexible at the same time the world becomes yours.

 Throughout the design process of our accessories and in the creation of the brand essence, our aim was to give LAYPH values and characteristics that we ourselves strive for in our daily life. We value many principles and a few above all; to be confident, to be elegant, to be comfortable and to be versatile.

 We are passionate about making elegant and versatile wearables that help enhance the mood and feeling the person is experiencing wearing them.

 To us at LAYPH, we know exactly who we are. We are an accessory company that strives to produce confident, elegant, comfortable and versatile wearable fashion products for men. We design products that we are proud of, that we think are stunning and beautiful and that we hope will be loved and worn in everyday life situations. LAYPH is a “comfort fashion brand,” accessories you feel like wearing when all you want to feel is comfort and elegance in harmony. Our accessories aim to complement and enhance your look. Superficial looks turn into real feelings, feelings of confidence, elegance, comfort, and versatility!

 We are LAYPH