Our Story

One ordinary day 13 years ago the day started with high hopes.  This was going to be a good day, a day of productivity, satisfaction, and pride.  A day that I would be able to put on the WIN shelf.  I had it, that “it” feeling.  Flow, in the zone, it goes by many names and today I had it!

It turns out that what I had felt or foreseen was a mirage. My day was not going my way.  This was going to be a day to be written off – a loss.  Disgruntled employees, unhappy team members, annoyed customers, late buses, bad lunch, etc. all made this day a struggle.  I could not seem to break my losing streak.

In a desperate attempt to take a break from this unexpectedly tough day, I went for a walk.  I walked by a tie shop and, almost as if out of my own control, bought myself a pink tie.  When I got back to work I had already put on my new pink tie.  As if by magic, the world had changed its mind about how it was going to treat me for the rest of the day.  I was greeted by smiles, by enthusiasm and suddenly the day became what I knew it was meant to be when I woke up – a winning day! 

Had I just bought a magical tie that could turn all my losing days into winning days?  As much as I hoped this to be true, I realized it was my image and the power of the accessory that had assisted me in changing the course of my day.  How you look determines how people treat you.  It was at that moment I started to see the profound value of accessorizing for expression.

LAYPH designs products that allow men to accessorize for expression, to allow you to Present Yourself as confident, elegant, comfortable and versatile. Our products are not made out of magic, but they are designed out of care, thought, and excellence.

We love our products and hope you will too!

Sincerely yours,

Leif Werling