Accessorize for expression

The desire to express our feelings and our mood varies from man to man. For those who want their style and fashion to be an extension of themselves, accessorizing is effective.  


Jewelry of all sorts has always been a powerful and status filled way to accessories.  For men, watches have become the main jewelry and therefore accessory to use as a form of expression of status, confidence, and style.  The practical aspect of watches, that they tell the time, acts as a reason or excuse for men to wear a watch.  Much like a belt or a pair of sunglasses, watches fulfill a purpose.  Watches also fulfill the criteria of an apparel, yet watches do more.  Watches add the final touch to a style and binds a look together.  For many men, watches are the only accessory, the only way to express one's mood through style.


We at LAYPH have designed watches that aim to be accessories.  Watches that stand out, in what we believe to be, for the right reasons.  We have carefully designed watches that are confident, elegant, comfortable and versatile. 


LAYPH takes accessorizing seriously.  There is something profound and honest that happens when you start to express yourself with your style and look.  To express how you feel through your fashion and style shows a desire to connect and to be understood.  An openness towards others.  Accessorizing is fundamental to expression.


Present Yourself.