Watch names

“Just because you know my name doesn’t mean you know my story”



We are very proud of our watches.  We are proud that they are confident, elegant, comfortable and versatile.  We strongly believe that they will be a part of your story and help you Present Yourself.

Things of importance and significance need a name. Naming our products was both overwhelming yet easy.  The theme quickly became male animals.  The four animals that represent our watches the best are; Deer, Goose, Sheep, and Kangaroo.


Buck (Deer)

Bucks are independent, aware, strong, curious and sought after.  They are both elegant and confident.  Not easily captured and considered a treat when they present themselves. 


Gander (Goose)

Ganders are migrating birds with incredible stamina and camaraderie.  They travel in groups and are known for their honking.  Their honking is a means to encourage each other on their tough, long, and dangerous journey.


Ram (Sheep)

Rams are herd animals in need of the group.  With their powerful eyesight, they can spot danger from afar.  Their heavy strong horns help equip them for conflicts within and outside the herd. 


Jack (Kangaroo)

Jacks are powerful strong animals that are unique to be the only large mammal that uses jumping as their main mode of locomotion. They are used to harsh climates and traveling large distances daily.